What’s My Role?

Membership Sites in WordPress and Using Roles and Capabilities to Manage Workflow

Roles & Capabilities are one of the more complicated (and powerful) features of WordPress. We’ll be talking a logical organizational framework for setting up a Membership/Protected Content website:

  • Members Plugin, for understanding the Roles & Capabilities and a non-code way to protect WordPress Content
  • Defining additional roles without modifying existing ones for access
  • Other plugins that help in simplifying the Admin Area and that work with Roles & Capabilities
  • Resource List of Reviewed or Recommended Premium Membership/Protected Content Plugins.

You should have plenty of experience with adding users in WordPress and working with Plugins to benefit the most from this talk. This will be a technical discussion and we’ll be discussing why you’d want to protect some content or protect the ability of certain users to post content.

Also just realized the links don’t work when they’re uploaded to Slide Deck, so here’s the PDF for the slides: What’s My Role – Membership Sites in WordPress