If you’ve made your way around and landed here at my website, that more than likely means you’ve found me either from the work I do at the Pods Framework, where I’m the Support Lead and Community Manager, or you’ve met me at the local WordPress Meetups I help organize in Tampa Bay.

If you’re here inquiring about either of those:

If you’re here looking for client work, I’m no longer doing that gig as my support work at Pods (& now Gravity Forms) is the best work I’ve ever done in my life and it’s more rewarding and meaningful than I could’ve possibly imagined when I started. I love being able to help new developers get started in WordPress and create things they never thought they could before. Plus, I don’t usually work more than 26-30 hours a week, so that’s a major perk.

When I’m not doing Gravity Forms & Pods, I’m talking tech and freelance and better business work/life balance at the Meetups or I’m dog & house sitting for my beautiful canine friends. You may see them occasionally cuddling up in pictures around here, too.

You might also find me walking early in the morning with my puppy, Uno, in my new adopted city of Lakeland, Florida. Gimme a jingle and I’d love to meet for coffee and a chat.