Franchise Website for Your Pro Kitchen

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Franchise Website for Your Pro Kitchen

The one time Branding becomes the cornerstone of your graphic design is when you’re working on franchise graphics. Every website under the main branch needs to carry on the same Identity as Corporate, but still stand on it’s own.

For Your Pro Kitchen, it was important that each franchise location could stand on it’s own and yet be completely identifiable as part of the Main website. I deliberately worked to make sure that whatever template I came up with could be easily replicated to new franchises that were added on.

┬áThis website features responsive design, meaning it will look good on a mobile phone or tablet or on a desktop and not lose any part of it’s features.

I also developed a Custom Post Type (one of the reasons I use WordPress over any other Content Management System) to Track the separate branches for this company. Using one Location Table, I can display the location data in multiple locations, whether it be links to the branches on the main navigation menu, or in a directory, or as custom links for the ‘intranet’ sites for these branches.

I was also especially proud of the Pricing Tables and Custom Awesome Font bullets used for buttons, list icons and in other areas throughout the website. This particular design will serve the customer quite well for several years.

You can check out their full website at:

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